KDU-CARE collaborates with the Interpharm (Pvt) Ltd for Bioequivalence Study of Metformin Extended Release

The CARE Technology Lanka (Pvt) Ltd of The Institute for Combinatorial Advanced Research and Education of KDU (KDU-CARE) entered into a research service agreement with Interpharm  (Pvt) Ltd, on the 17th August 2021, to conduct the Bioequivalence (BE) study of Metformin-Extended Release (XR) manufactured by the Interpharm (Pvt) Ltd.

As a requirement of the National Medicine Quality Authority (NMRA) in Sri Lanka, pharmaceuticals imported from other countries and manufactured in the country, needs to be tested for their bioequivalence. Previously, KDU-CARE carried out and successfully completed two BE studies of the drugs, Amoxicillin and Clarythromycin, for the State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation (SPMC). KDU-CARE is currently carrying out a BE study of Metformin-Extended Release (XR) manufactured by the CIC Holdings (PLC). The current research agreement with the Interpharm (Pvt) Ltd will be the second BE study that will be conducted for an extended release drug.

The BE study of Metformin (XR), which is a randomized, two-treatment, two-period, two-sequence, single-dose, crossover study on healthy volunteers, as recommended by the FDA will be carried out by a team of scientists, from KDU-CARE and the Faculty of Medicine-KDU, Prof. Rohini Fernandopullei, Dr. Himali Jayasinghearachchi, and Dr. Janaka Munasinghe.