KDU Law Faculty Takes A Giant Leap Forward

By an Extraordinary Gazette Notification bearing No. 2208/13 dated 30.12.2020, the Rules of the Incorporated Council of Legal Education have been amended enabling KDU LLB Graduates to sit only for the final Examination at the Sri Lanka Law College. It would enable exemption of KDU LLB Graduates from sitting the Preliminary and Intermediate Examinations of the Sri Lanka Law College, thus bringing a long drawn struggle for recognition of KDU LLB to a successful conclusion.

Since its inception in 2010, the Faculty of Law has been producing qualified graduates to the field of law and has won the recognition from the relevant institutions as a faculty which produces LLB graduates with a higher calibre. However, due to various reasons, KDU law graduates had to sit for all the three Examinations of the Sri Lanka Law College in order to be qualified as Attorneys at Law. It resulted in KDU LLB Graduates facing severe hardships and a long delay in becoming legal professionals even after graduating with a degree from the country’s national Defence University.

Vice Chancellor, University Administration, Dean, Staff and Students of the Law Faculty of KDU, and Law Graduates of KDU salute His Excellency the President, present and former Ministers of Justice, Members of the Council of Legal Education and all others who extended their support in making this endeavour a reality. While celebrating this remarkable achievement with humility, KDU Law Faculty pledges itself to continue to strive for excellence in all facets of legal education.