KDU partners with Synergy Bio (Pvt) Ltd to commercialize the 6 function ICU bed through the CARE Technology Lanka (Pvt) Ltd of KDU-CARE

The faculty of Engineering, KDU developed an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) bed, “MEDBED Ver 1.0”. It was developed by students and Lecturers of Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME). The team comprised, Cmdr(E) MCP Dissanayake (HoD, ME), Lt Cdr(E) PMKC Chandimal (Lecturer, KDU), Capt SAAAK Athukorala (Lecturer, KDU), Capt MSR De Soyza (Lecturer, KDU), ND Panuwa (TUO), KLV Wasana (O/C) and day scholars of KDU, JLS Jayawardhane, MLA Peiris, VR Manage.

This bed is capable of the electrically operated, five motions, which are seen with 5-function ICU beds that are currently in the market. In addition, it also has a newly introduced function, for the lateral movement of the bed, which enables the transfer of a patient from and to bed. This feature is a new invention for a ICU bed.

This product was handed over to the CARE Technology Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (CTL) of KDU-CARE, the commercial arm of KDU, to find a suitable industrial partner for its commercialization. Accordingly, the CTL entered into an agreement with Synergy Bio (Pvt) Ltd, for the production and selling of the bed, on the 6th July 2021.