KDU Rover Scout – Blood Donation

National Rover Scouts of KDU organized their first official event for the calendar year under the guidance of the Vice Chancellor of KDU and The Chief Commissioner of Scout Association of Sri Lanka, Major General MP Peiris to aid the National Blood Bank during this time of need due to the depletion of blood bags, with the current COVID -19 pandemic situation.

The blood donation campaign was held successfully from 0900 hrs onwards at the UHKDU premises with the participation of the Cadets, dayscholars and blood donors from around the vicinity.

The entire blood donation campaign was held according to the rules and regulations and guide lines issued by the relevant medical authorities due to the prevailing COVID -19 pandemic and the support given by the UHKDU staff to uphold the standards of the blood donation campaign is highly appreciated. The KDU Rovers express their gratitude towards the participants for their support during this time of need.

As the first National Rover Scout Crew of Sri Lanka, the KDU rovers took the first step in a long journey of conducting more social activities for the betterment of the country.

If you like to donate blood please contact KDU Blood Bank UHKDU – Tel: 0112044555 Ext: 4440