Reader Services

Book borrowing facilities, as well as periodical services, are provided in this service. Apart from that all issues relevant to user registration, issuing and cancellation of library membership, issuing a library clearance, general bibliographical inquiries (OPAC), lending services, Inter-Library Loans, ordering, checking-in, claiming, and other various requirements of readers are handled by this service.



Entitlements and Loan Periods

KDU Staff (Civil/Military)

 Category Entitled facilities
(Borrowing and Extensions)
 KDU Academic staff (Civil/Military) 8 books and 1 CD/DVD for 3 months (maximum 3 extensions, once for one month)
 KDU Administrative staff (Civil/Military) 2 books and 1 CD/DVD for 1 month (maximum 2 extensions, once for 2 weeks)
 Non-academic staff (Civil)
 Non-commissioned military officers
 2 books for two weeks (maximum 2 weeks, Once for 2 weeks)

KDU Students

 Category Reference facility Lending facility Entitled facilities
 Cadets/Military officers
(Internal Degree Programs)
 Free Free 3 books for 2 weeks
(Extension, Once for 2 weeks only)
 Day Scholars Non-refundable deposit of Rs. 2000 Refundable deposit of Rs. 2000/- per card 3 books for 2 weeks (Extension, Once for 2 weeks only)
 Post Graduate Students Non-refundable deposit of Rs. 1000 Refundable deposit of Rs. 2000/- per cards 2 books for 01 month (Extension, Once for 2 weeks only)
 Students registered for Short Courses (only for local officers) For 3 months -Rs.300, For 6 months - Rs.600, For 9 months -Rs.900, For 1 year -Rs.1000 No No
 Foreign Officers Free Refundable deposit of Rs. 2000/- per cards 2 books for 01 month (Extension, Once for 2 weeks only)
Renew Loans

Items on loan may be renewed for a defined period for each category of users as long as they have not been requested or recalled by another borrower.
Renewals may be made:

  • via the library email
  • at the library circulation counter
  • by telephone 94 11 2622995/ 94 11 2632028, Ext: 414

Readers can have only one subsequent extension for a book and cannot renew a checked-out item if:

  • There are holds on the item
  • The item is overdue
  • Maximum no. of renewals has been reached

Extension can be executed personally as well as sending a request to the library e-mail

Collecting requested items

Requested items waiting to be collected are reserved at the library counter. Items can be collected during the opening hours at the library. We will reserve the item for 2 days (excluding weekends). If readers are unable to collect their item within 2 days, the request will canceled and they have to re-request for the item.
Please ensure that you check the due date of the item when issuing. If there are further requests on the item the loan period will be reduced.