Donation Policy


KDU Library is grateful to those who have made donations and who offer unsolicited material to the Library. Many of the items accepted, ranging from individual works presented by the author to substantial collections, would not otherwise be obtained by the Library and these make an important contribution to teaching, learning and research activities at KDU.

Conditions of acceptance

Once a collection of donated material has been received into the Library, the Library reserves the right to deal with it as it sees appropriate.

Potential donors should aware that Library Service:

  • does not usually accept back runs of periodicals that duplicate the existing holdings or that are incomplete and newspapers, newsletters, pamphlets, posters and cards except where such materials could be appropriate for Archives, Research and Special collections
  • retains unconditional ownership of all gifts and donations
  • unused gifts may be given to a third party group that are deemed suitable, or they may be disposed through other means determined by the Librarian with the approval of DVC –Defence and Administration
  • does not normally accept material in poor physical condition
  • normally cannot accept duplicate items unless they constitute material identifiably in regular heavy demand, such as that on student reading lists; duplicates discovered after acceptance of collections may be compared with copies already in stock, and only the item in best condition retained
  • reserves the right to dispose of material, either at the time of receipt or subsequently.


Declaration of the Donor