Rules & Regulations

Borrowing Rules

  • To borrow library items readers should produce their own library cards to the circulation counter. If a new student they should have received their library cards at registration.
  • Readers are not allowed to borrow books for others library card.
  • Books of permanent reference nature, past papers and periodicals will be issued for university identity card/membership card only for photocopying purposes.
  • Staff are available to help you with any queries or problems during library opening hours.

Recall of Books

  • The Librarian may recall books at any time and you must return books immediately when call upon to do so.
Fines and Charges
  • If reader do not return or renew items before the return date they will become overdue and will start to accumulate fines.
  • We send courtesy notice prior to due date and overdue reminders by email, but the responsibility for returning items on time remains the borrowers. Prolonged failure to return or renew loans will result to take the final decision stipulated according to the library policy.
How much are the fines Fines for overdue items are currently charged as follows:


Fine per day (Rs.) Lending

Fine per day (Rs.) Overnight Reference

All KDU Staff (Civil/Military)

Rs. 10.00

Rs. 20.00

FGS Students

Rs. 10.00

Rs. 20.00


Officer Cadets and Day Scholars

Rs. 5.00

Rs. 10.00

Commissioned officers

Foreign Diploma students

Rs. 10.00

Rs. 20.00

After three months the above fines will be double up to another 3 months, if the book is not returned after 6 months fine will be triple.After three months the above fines will be double up to another 3 months, if the book is not returned after 6 months fine will be triple.

How do I pay a fine?

You can pay your fines at the circulation counter during the opening hours at the library. Please retain your receipt as this is your proof of payment. Due fines should be settled within a period of two weeks.

What happens if I don't pay the fine?

Fines must be paid promptly. Fines are accruing on them on a daily basis, so the longer you leave it the more you will have to pay. Please settle all outstanding fines before you go on holiday, leave or vacation.

What if I have a valid reason for not returning items on time?

Please contact the library counter where a senior member of staff will be able to listen and discuss individual circumstances.

How do I avoid getting Library fines? Fines can be avoided by:
  • Return items by the due date.
  • Renew your books regularly and ensure you check any emails and reminders which we send you.
  • Don't leave renewing items until the last minute. If someone else has requested one of your items you won't be able to renew it and you will need to return it on its due date.
  • Check your library account on a regular basis to ensure that you have returned all the items which you have borrowed.
  • Don't let friends borrow items from you.
  • Don't take items out for somebody else on your library account.
Lost Items

If you lose any Library material, please report its loss to the Library as soon as possible. Staff will then be able to give you a price for the replacement of the item. We will then invoice you for the cost of the book.
REPLACEMENT COPY: You are welcome to bring in a replacement copy of the item you have lost (same edition or updated) but to avoid incurring fines you must do so before the book reaches its renewal limit. The book must be in good condition and acceptable to the Librarian.
If the book is lost with dues you have to pay the fine up to the date which new book is submitted to the library.
If you are not replacing the same book to the library you have to pay the fine due up to the date lost reported plus 200% of the original cost of the book.

Damaged Items

According to the state of damage, the librarian may determine whether the book/s should be replaced or the damage should be paid.

Replacement or the payment of charges should be done within one month and you will not be eligible to borrow books further until you settle the matter.