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 Supply and Catering Section 

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            Supply and catering section is a part of Officer Commanding Logistic Service. This section is responsible for the maintaining of supply store, maintaining of cook house in KDU, providing meals for livening officers in KDU. LT/CDR Batagoda is the head of the catering and supply section. He works as the Catering Supply Officer in KDU. There are main three sub sections are comming under the Catering Supply Officer. They are, Ration Supply Section, Catering Section, and Accounts Section. Many companies providing necessary goods for this section. And also there are,

Main supply companies;

1)    Felix Perera Company –  Provide fresh items, Chicken

2)    Wikkramarathne Company -  Dry items,  Vegetables

  They give annual tenders to these two companies to buy goods.






You are here: Home Sections Supply and Catering