Officer Cadets’ Endurance March – 2020

Officer Cadets of Intake 32, 34, 35, 36, and 37 successfully completed the Endurance March (10 KM) on 26th September 2020. There were 606 participants in the event including 33 Officer Instructors and 80 Other Rank Instructors. Further, 493 Officer Cadets took part in this event.

The endurance march is a compulsory event of the officer cadets’ training package since it develops their endurance to uphold future responsibilities with confidence. Further, it tests the strength, courage, and the perseverance which are essential qualities needed for every military  Officer to perform the duties well

The event commenced at 0500 hrs at the Basketball Indoor Court, and they headed towards the Katubedda Junction along the Galle Road and returned back to the KDU premises completing 10km with an energetic finish. The courage, cooperation, and competences were well displayed and rhythmic military slogans were chanted throughout the march. Finally, the march gathered at the playground for the final cheer to mark the successful completion of the event.