MSPs come forward to increase University productivity through Office 365

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the lives of each and everyone in the world. Lifestyle of the people has changed, and everyone has moved to work at home concept. The military officers, lecturers, civil and military staff members and undergraduates of General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University have started their work through online resources. Main online resource used within the university is the office 365 package. With the concept of enhancing knowledge of office 365 of working staff and academics, Microsoft Student Partners of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Nimesh Ekanayake (Intake 34- IT) and Manoshi Ramanayake (Intake 35-IT) had organized a webinar, under the guidance of Mr. Pathum Kathriarachchi, Head of Department – IT . As its first step, the first session was organized and conducted in the Southern Campus as a webinar workshop, under the purview of Brigadier EADP Edirisinghe psc BA (Defence) MPA , Rector – Southern Campus. The session was themed on “Increasing the university productivity with office 365” and was by a Microsoft Partner Technology Strategist – Microsoft Sri Lanka, Mr. Prabhath Mannapperuma.

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