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Electronics, Robotics and Innovation Club (ERIC-KDU) of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University is a student organization where, students, who are interested in robotics and electronics, can improve their inventive skills by learning, practicing and sharing their innovative ideas with experts of the electronics field for researching and developing new technologies. The organization is led by an executive committee, under the guidance of KDU administration.

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What We Serve

We’ve got everything you need to be fit for industry


These bootcamps include basic level trainings to get 1st year undergraduates started with programming, electronics, robotics in no go. We have flexible class schedule to fit your needs. Our bootcamps comprises of daily, one-day, vacation. Its a community learning experience.


We conduct technical skill development workshops to teach hardware product development skills, software product development skills and research support. These trainings are enabling people to develop mature products like robots, smart devices, mobile IOT devices, complex algorithms and automation solutions.


We conduct webinars to train and support our undergraduates in Sourthen Campus of KDU, we conduct workshops to teach hardware product development skills, software product development skills and research support for them as well. We treat everyone qually.


We host competitions intra and inter university with regards to check the outcome of our workshops and to show what we are capable of to world. Hackathon lovers, you all are always welcome here in ERIC KDU.

Our Projects

We love to play with tech, check out some of our latest works



This battlebot made for UVAWelassa Battle Robot Competition and he work fine still.



Goblin v1.1 is automated GPS trakced unmanned ariel vehicle that can fly up to 15 minutes and he work fine still.

Line Following Robot


This Line Following Robot not just follow the line, it detects the objets on the way and avoiding them to make his way to end point and he work fine still.

Spider Bot


Developed for military purposes. Mainly used for sabotage and rescure missions.

Quad Copter


This quad copter is made for Robofest that organized by SLIIT. He works fine.

Glider v1.0


Remote Controlled storch model unmand ariel vehicle that can fly upto 10 mintues. He works fine.

Our Team

Here the personals who are behind in this gigantic operation

Electronic Robotics and Innovation Club touches nearly every aspect of modern technology and is a fast-growing area where professional opportunities of high potential are generated. In today’s world, highly skilled professionals are needed more than ever before in the field of engineering as well as computing. Thus, enabling them to take the social responsibility of generating knowledge and solving social issues through cutting edge technology. Therefore, we are committed to be in the forefront of providing practical exposure to produce graduates of high caliber who could deliver smart and sustainable solutions.

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Commodore Janaka Gunaseela USP, psc Head of Department, Department of Electrical Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

We as a club in a mission of helping the humanity thrive by connecting disconnected nodes to make this world a better place. Helping to development of technology and research ecosystem in our country, we create innovations.

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Eng Udaya Dampage Master In Charge, Electronic Robocitcs and Innovation Club Senior Lecturer, Department of Electrical Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

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