Abstract Guidelines

The abstract should be written with 11 font size, Calibri, single line spacing. Word limit is 300 words. Top, Bottom and Right margins of the page should be set to 2.5 cm, and the left margin should be 3 cm. The fonts, sizes and styles for the title, names of authors, affiliations, should be as shown in the header of the paper. The name of the presenting author should be underlined. The corresponding author should be identified with a <#> sign above the author’s name and his/her e-mail address should be provided as indicated above. Abstracts should be submitted in Microsoft® Word format.

The abstract should briefly point out the research problem, objectives, methodology/ experimental design, results and discussion, and conclusion. Do not include section headings in the abstract. Citations, References, Figures and Tables should not be included in the abstract.

Extended Abstract Guidelines

The extended abstract is a more elaborate version of the abstract that describes the research work being carried out and the research outcomes. The extended abstract should be typed in this same document, starting from the second page, following the abstract. The body of the extended abstract should be organized into sections; Introduction, Methodology/Experimental Design, Results and Discussion, and Conclusion.

The introduction should present a brief background of the study, research problem and the objectives. The methodology should be at minimal, sufficient to understand the study design. You may include supporting figures, tables and images as necessary. Results should be combined with the discussion and be limited to discussing the study’s main conclusions. References should be listed in alphabetical order in a separate page in Harvard format.

The page limit is four (excluding the page with the abstract above and references) in Calibri font, 11pt and single spaced. Top, Bottom and Right margins of the page should be set to 2.5 cm, and the left margin should be 3 cm.

All the tables, images and figures should be centered. Figures and images should be numbered and figure legends should be placed under the figure or image; as for the tables, they should also be and the table header should be placed at the top.

Authors can download abstract and full paper guidelines from the links below

Download Abstract Template Download Full paper Template